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Livingroom with white sectional couch that has colorful throw pillows on it.


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When this project first came to us, the original floor plan was quite sectioned off and did not permit for light to flow, leaving the space feeling dark and heavy. Furthermore the compartmentalized spaces did not allow for clear sightlines of the children, which in a family of six was really important. By removing the large main wall between the existing kitchen and dining room, this allowed for a sun filled space, perfect for this active bunch.
A large island was added to the kitchen creating ample prep, storage and seating space, also acting as the perfect overflow for when the family entertains.
Storage was a huge priority in this project, so each area was filled with open and closed storage ideal for concealing items such as crafts and toys.
The material pallet was greatly influenced by the sunshine coast, and all materials, furniture, and artwork reflect the colours and tones of the beautiful and serene landscape. 

LOCATION: Vancouver, BC                           

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