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This project was a very special one, as the story behind was extremely compelling.  Together we collaborated with the Jillian Harris team and many generous suppliers to give our amazing clients a home they deserved.  


The home owner and new mother, Sam, was diagnosed with dense motor and sensory paralysis from the waist down after an emergency c-section, leaving her in a wheelchair. When we heard her story we wanted to help create a space that she would love, and that would be functional for Sam's newly growing family. You can read more about Sam's story on


The goal for this space was to create a vibrant and bright home that all family members could enjoy, while ensuring accessibility for Sam's wheelchair. The incorporation of panelled wallpaper and bright pops of colour helped to add interest to the space, and made a beautiful impact. 


Thanks to all of the generous suppliers we were able to incorporate decor and finishes such as candles, throw pillows and floral arrangements to elevate the feeling of the space. 

LOCATION: Vancouver, BC                           


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