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1807 Design draws its name from the significant date of July 18th, commemorating both Ally's mom and sisters' birthdays and memorializes the memory of a departed family member. 1807 Design is a full-service interior design firm focused on providing our clients with beautiful spaces that seamlessly blend contemporary laid back interiors with a touch of cool.



Founder & Creative Director

As founder and creative director of 1807 Design, Ally's passion for promoting slow living is heavily influenced by the laid-back vibes of coastal living and is reflected in her designs. Natural materials, layered textures, and minimal colour palettes are her calling cards and creating timeless and effortlessly chic spaces that exude warmth and character. Her designs are far from precious, but rather lived-in, curated with an invitation to relax, unwind and connect with one another.


Before launching 1807 Design, Ally worked for a high-end residential firm on projects that brought her to Singapore and also as an Art Director in television, notably on two seasons of the hit show "Love it or List it Vancouver". 

Ally's mission is to bring personality and life to every space she designs. She is dedicated to making sure her clients feel at home, while also introducing them to new design elements that will make their spaces unique. 

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We prioritize cultivating strong relationships with clients, trades, and suppliers as key to project success. We believe that effective collaboration starts with active listening and understanding clients' unique visions and needs. By maintaining open lines of communication, we ensure that clients' voices are heard, concerns are addressed, and decisions are made collectively. We also forge partnerships with reliable tradespeople who share our commitment to quality workmanship. Additionally, we foster transparent communication with suppliers, enabling efficient supply chains. Our approach ensures that no client ever settles, leaving conversations feeling heard and valued.


We believe that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. We are passionate about creating interiors that are both beautiful and functional, where every element is thoughtfully selected to enhance the overall design. Our approach is never too precious – we want you to feel at home in your space, and to enjoy it to the fullest.

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We have a passion for boutique-sized projects and a focus on detail and intimate experiences. Whether we’re working on hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, or small multi-family buildings,1807 Design creates spaces that feel welcoming and cozy with a high level of creativity and attention to detail to every project.

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