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Nestled in the tree tops of the Mexican Baja, Acre provides one of a kind experience for its guests.


With the concept being to bring the outside in, all materials used in the spaces were to reflect the natural tones indigenous to the Mexican landscape. With the treehouses being completely exposed, the finishes used needed to be durable to withstand all elements. The importance of having the treehouses blend into the surrounding scenery was key, so the shell of the houses were constructed of reclaimed branches of local trees, helping to camouflage them into the foliage. The interior finishes and decor reflect the work of local artisans and recognize the simplistic but beautiful detail and craftsmanship.


At night, warm light is provided to create a glow meant to look like individual lanterns burning bright. Each complete with a bathroom, closet, covered patio and outdoor shower, Acre is an outdoor oasis worth putting on your bucket list.

LOCATION: San Jose, Del Cabo                      

PHOTOGRAPHER: Daniela Fernández

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