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Location: Vancouver, BC 

With breathtaking panoramic views, our aim was to capture the vibrant essence of Vancouver in this remarkable Penthouse. Despite floor plan and plumbing limitations, we maximized every inch of space for functionality. The kitchen took center stage, accommodating the homeowners' love for cooking and featuring a large integrated gas stove. By relocating the fridge, we created additional storage and counter space for seamless entertaining. Appliances were concealed with matching cabinetry panels, fostering an open and cohesive atmosphere. Custom built-in storage harmonized with the modern architecture's lines and angles throughout the floor plan. Carefully selected materials evoked a tranquil ambiance, mirroring the hues of the West Coast, while playful prints and floral accents introduced splashes of colour, reminiscent of the vibrant cityscape below.

Photography: Janis Nicolay

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