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Location: North Vancouver, BC 

This project was driven by the desire to create an inviting and functional space for entertaining, while ensuring clear sight lines throughout the main floor. Initially, the floor plan lacked cohesiveness, storage, and flow. To address this, we repositioned the kitchen to the center of the home, serving as a focal point for gatherings. Despite some structural limitations, such as the wall separating the front hallway and dining room, we prioritized brightness and openness by incorporating a custom window wall. The materials chosen provide a neutral backdrop with warm wood tones and soft marble accents, while decorative features like wallpaper and artwork add personal touches and reflect cherished memories. Through careful grouping of prints and textures, we created vibrant and playful areas. The end result is a contemporary home that exudes brightness and offers a versatile space for the lively family to thrive and grow in.

Photography: Janis Nicolay

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